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This project is composed of 6 partners from 5 different countries.

Piano and co association - leader
Marseille - FRANCE

PIANO AND CO is a musical company based in France. We work with European institutions to make Music Education more inclusive. We aim at raising awareness on Gender Inequalities, enabling young musicians and teachers to have female role models, and by discovering, studying and meeting female composers of yesterday and today.

Musical company PIANO AND CO will bring its expertise in European projects coordination, bringing creation, pedagogy and innovation together.


Organization of european programmes and cultural relations
Nicosia - CYPRUS

Specialised non-for-profit entity, it aims to encourage creative and cultural sectors of Cyprus to participate in European and international initiatives. Musicians and teachers from European University Cyprus will participate in the programme through this organization

Labmat - national and kapodistrian university
Athens - GREECE

The Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology undertake projects related to acoustics, technology and musical informatics, psychoacoustics... Besides the participation of musicians and teachers in the project, the LABMAT will coordinate the research aspect of the project.

Casa do professor

The Casa do Professor is a non-for-profit organization leading national and european projects on teaching and pedagogy who had an musical academy. Its team will bring its expertise in innovation and pedagogy. For the project, they became partners with the Musicology department of Minho University.

Komitas state conservatory
Yerevan - ARMENIA

Higher Education Musical Institute founded in 1921, it welcomes each year 700 students, both undergraduate and master students, among which 130 comes from abroad. Teachers and musicians will take part in MUSICAL BOUNCE BACK’s educational program and organize local awareness concerts.

LICA - laboratory of collective and artificial intelligence

Marseille - FRANCE

LICA is at the crossroad of engineering, projects management, research activities, design, prospective methods as well as human facilitation activities. It builds digital tools, cooperative methods, artificial intelligence, environmental engineering, methods for collective intelligence, social and cultural innovation. LICA will provide collective intelligence tool’s expertise to MUSICAL BOUNCE BACK project as well as designing project’s website.

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